Theatre workshop I: SPEECHLESS

The main focus of the workshop shall be to spark imagination and see possibilities of sharing stories and experiences through the medium of theatre.

This workshop shall introduce ways of expression using the body, to narrate, to express emotions, moving to music, performing short texts (verbally and non-verbally). Some activities will be done individually and some in groups of varying numbers. The participants shall be engaged through a series of exercises and explorations focusing on the ensemble.

Just think how an image or a gesture can spark a thought or a word and how many simple images can be turned into a story. Or how about giving shapes to your body to tell a story. In this workshop, we shall explore how our body can express thoughts and emotions. Creating and analysing images, building gestures using masks, playing with words, and more.

Sounds shall be made using simple musical instruments, our own bodies, as well as objects from the surroundings.

Theatre workshop II: ADVENTURE TIME

Adventure time, as the name suggests, is all about using our imagination to explore different ages of time, different places, meeting some interesting characters, solving mysteries and coming back with a lot of stories to tell. It combines imagination, storytelling, ensemble work, physical theatre and many such techniques to create scenarios. But that’s all secondary; the most important thing it promises is a whole lot of fun and many adventures.


Janit Temkar

Janit Temkar is a theatre artist and music arranger. He has been a part of Gillo Repertory Theatre for several years (Read More).

Sriparna Chatterjee

Sriparna Chatterjee is a singer and has been performing with Gillo Repertory Theatre for over a year. She has trained in Hindustani classical music (Read More).