My stay at Manipal was very meaningful. I was attracted to so many things happening at MILAP. The focus on Marathi, Kannada and covering the socio-political and literary scene of the Northeast India was indeed a great thought. The very title of the festival MILAP is very meaningful. The bag and folders were crafted very aesthetically. The best part of the program was the sincerity and motivation of the organizers. It speaks highly of the standards of leadership and responsibility at MAHE.I would love to be a part of such endeavours in future.

Atamjit Singh


A big thank you to the MILAP organizers for giving me an opportunity to participate in one of the best lit fests I have attended both in India and abroad. For any international and national fest to sustain itself, the active involvement of the local community is essential. There was considerable local involvement at MILAP. Prof Neeta’s session was indeed unforgettable. I thank all the dedicated organizers who made my stay and participation both memorable and rewarding.

HS Shivaprakash

Professor, School of Arts and Aesthetics, JNU

It was a real delight for me to be at MILAP. I enjoyed the tenor and texture of the discussions and was very happy to meet old friends and make new ones. Here’s too many future editions of MILAP – all strength to this beautiful cultural initiative!

Ranjit Hoskote

poet, art critic, cultural theorist and independent curator

It was a pleasant experience to be a part of MILAP and I congratulate the entire team for the successful execution of the festival. I acknowledge all efforts they have taken, personally to make it happen, and I must mention that they are a really good team of enthusiastic and sincere professionals!

Dr Keshavachaitanya Kunte

Harmonium player, composer and a musicologist​

The two days spent at the translation workshop with brief look-ins at the lit fest were rich and rewarding. I must congratulate I must congratulate the team on their excellent choice of speakers and and organisation of events, the warmth that all of you and your wonderful young volunteers exuded and the many fruitful interactions you made possible by giving us extended lunch-break.

I loved the campus and I think MAHE is very fortunate to have a visionary vice-chancellor

Shanta Gokhale


I had a pleasant time in Manipal and enjoyed being on the campus of MAHE. The events of MILAP were stimulating and informative. Such interesting resource people and we felt so fortunate to meet and interact with them. Congratulations to the team for their great work!

Kungzang Choden

Bhutanese woman writer, a publisher, curator for the Ogyen Choling Museum

I thoroughly enjoyed my brief two days at MILAP. The translation workshop was a worthwhile exercise indeed. The literary festival and arts forum is very valuable, particularly for students and it is important to have such an initiative on campus.   

Anjum Katyal

Editor, translator

It was warm and wonderful to be a part of MILAP. It was informally intense with rare domestic element. I hope it remains as intimate in its future endeavours and doesn’t lose its vitality to commercial motivations. 

Jayant Kaikini


We must congratulate MAHE on its debut literary fest. It was one of the best lit-fests that I attended in my tenure as an author. 

Kiran Nagarkar