Each day will include a panel discussion with leading experts and practitioners of the literary craft exploring the theme of the festival through their specific perspectives and contexts.

Keynote Address by Mahesh Dattani

Girish Karnad: Memories and Modernity

A testimony to the legendary artist, director and an exceptionally gifted playwright – Girish Karnad. Popularly known as the “Renaissance Man”, his writings exemplified a fine blend of myth, folklore and contemporary social structures. Karnad’s legacy and his journey as a playwright will be unraveled and preserved in conversation with Prakash Belawadi, Amrit Gangar, B R Venkatramana Aithal, and T P Ashoka and their experiential engagements with Karnad’s works.

Medium as Message: Decoding Digital Narratives

An illustrative demonstration and discussion of the varied representational modes of literary narratives. Introduction to various narrative forms and techniques, the surge of graphic novels, the changing media of communicating stories, the significance of digitality in creation of content, and its impact on the creativity that shapes an author or artist’s persona, will inform this discussion on digital narrativity.

In the presence of a graphic novelist, digital content creator and a sociologist, the transformative impact of digital media on literature, literary enthusiasts, and society comes to the fore as Chandan Gowda, Lavanya Lakshminarayan, Sekhar Mukherjee sit in conversation with Romal Singh.

Cosmic Splash: Visual Arts in Virtual Space by Vinay Hegde

A brilliant 3D Designer and artist will present his creative expertise in a combination of refined artistry and technology. This art show is prepped to be a virtual reality extravaganza, followed by an interactive discussion with the artist himself, on emerging digital art forms.

Digi-Cookery: Gastronomy in Virtual World

An exploration of digital cooking trends, where smartphones and electronic devices have become an indispensable ingredient in the cooking journey of young and old. In the company of an adept and experienced Chef and a talented foodwriter, this discussion is all set to discover the relationship between food and culture in the era of digitality, and the glamourized visual presentation of food. Anushruti R K and Thirugnanasambantham K in conversation with Rahul Putty.

Manuscripts to ManE-Scripts: Rebuilding Resources

The fest is primed to take a discursive turn, as this session unearths the modus operandi of digital libraries. The digital preservation of textual resources, the ongoing projects on preserving endangered manuscripts, and the contemporary significance of preserving classical knowledge is explained, affirmed and critiqued in this brilliantly informative session. Dipti S Tripathi, D Venkat Rao and Akane Saito in conversation with Aravinda Bhat

The Digital Bandwagon: Quality in Streaming Media

Especially designed for the fanatics of webseries and webisodes, this discussion draws together the creative professionals directly involved with online streaming (OTT) platforms – Hotstar, Netflix and Amazon Prime. The agenda of digital television, the contrast between classical and contemporary filmmaking, and the production of quality content or adapting novels into screenplays – the nuances of digital filmmaking are laid bare in conversation with the founder of Bollywood’s first story company, a well-known screenwriter, and an experienced Creative Producer. Abhijeet Deshpande, Pretti Singh and Sidharth Jain in conversation with Sudeep Nigam

Numbers and Notes: Tuning into Digital Space

Yet another aspect of creative digitality is presented on stage with this interactive and immersive session on music production. In dialogue with renowned music composers, this session is geared up to involve the audience in an on-spot creation of voice overs, musical performances, followed by a chaired discussion on the impact of technological innovations in music production, while the musical journeys of artists come to light. Rohit Kulkarni and Neehar Dabade in conversation with Anil D’Souza

Publishing in the Digital Medium: Confronting a New Reality

Has the meaning of publishing changed with the explosion of digital age or digitality is just another medium of communicating or documenting stories in the publishing world? In what way the contemporary digital innovations are opposed to the classical art of publishing? An eclectic combination of speakers reflect on the purpose of publishing and its persuasive relations with human intellect and culture, where reading experiences have metamorphosed into the world of e-readers, ebooks and digital platforms have made publishing accessible and convenient for a plethora of writers, and readers. G N Mohan, N Manu Chakravarthy, Muraleedhara Upadhya, Romal Singh and Neeta Inamdar in conversation with Tanima Nigam